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Welcome to Carpet Cleaning!

Why Encapsulation?


Rudolph Rapid Controlled-Moisture Carpet Cleaning dries quickly, often in as little as one hour. If you've experienced problems with spots magically reappearing days after cleaning you'll be happy to hear our controlled use of water virtually eliminates wicking, or recurring spots. From the wall-to-wall carpet in your home or office to your treasured, fine wool area  rugs, our process is guaranteed safe and effective!

  • Your carpet is a mainstay in your home. There it goes again, getting underfoot! So why treat your carpet like a second-class citizen?


    THE OLD WAY: You wouldn't wash your fine silk shirt in hot water, would you? With harsh chemicals to do the dirty work? No, never. Your carpet deserves the same...

    With hot water extraction, detergents are used to remove soil from the carpet fiber. Works great, for a while. The detergent "sticks" to the fiber and is then drawn out with the hot water. Unfortunately, not all of the detergent is removed, leaving behind a "sticky" residue, which soon draws and attaches to more soil. The carpet looks dirty again...

    THE NEW WAY: As opposed to traditional hot water extraction, our low moisture method is like a dry cleaner for your carpet. Enter Encap, or encapsulation cleaning. With Encap, the detergent scores a powerful ally. Carefully formulated polymers join the game, polymers which work with the detergent to more completely clean the carpet fibers. First, the detergent snags the dirt, just like in a hot water extraction, but then the game plan shifts. The polymers encapsulate the detergent and the soil, lifting both from the carpet surface. This process leaves behind nothing but a clean, fresh-smelling carpet that dries in less than one hour. No more chemicals left behind, safe for kids and pets. And, you can walk on it. Right away!

    OUR WAY: There are many companies that now offer �dry cleaning� for carpets. So what sets Rudolph apart? Do we have a magic potion that no one else can offer? Well, we think so. Perhaps it is our meticulous attention to detail, or our pride in our work. Maybe the over 25 years in the flooring business. Possibly that we have a home, with carpets, pets, and humans about. All of the above, but mostly, it is our customer service that we pride the most. We value each and every one of our customers; referrals and repeat service are the highest forms of flattery. So if you have carpet, you owe it to yourself to give Rudolph a try!